‘Missing Voices’ is a multi-part video series we produced in partnership with Touchstones Nelson – Museum of Art and History that takes you into the lives of 15 individuals whose experiences and histories have yet to be represented at our regional museum. Watch it here.

Special thanks to: Fred Wah, Cindy Henderson, Basil Fuller, Shayna Young, Todd Veri, Christopher Moore, Keiko Fitz-Earle, Penny Nordquist, Merv Helle, Ernest Hekkanen, Natalie Fleury, Estelle Pensiero, Marie-Paule Berthiaume, Anonymous participant, and George Koochin. Directed and Edited by Amy Bohigian, Camera by Carlo Alcos, and Original Music by Ben Euerby. Made with the generous support of the Vancouver Foundation. Produced in 2020/21.