Rural Transcapes is a topical film that profiles four transgendered individuals who have chosen to live in the rural area of the Kootenays. Christopher Moore is one of the people featured in the film and is the founder of the TransConnect Program, which provides outreach services to transgendered folks around the East and West Kootenays.

Amy Bohigian of Watershed Productions was asked by Christopher last year to create an educational tool and the result is this 30 minute film, which delves into the difficult and inspiring stories of courage and authenticity. The film also features Dr. Chris Cochrane and Dr. Esta Porter, two medical professionals based in Nelson who work directly with the transgendered community. At a time when Chaz Bono has made transgendered a household word, let this film create a deeper appreciation of what it truly means for the folks featured in the film.

This film is set for release and will be used as an educational tool across Canada and the US. To learn more about the film and obtain a copy of the DVD for your school, organization or for home use, please contact 250 354-5362.