Design Thinking in Action

Watershed worked on this fun and enlightening series of videos for Kootenay Lake School District. This one here features the way ‘Design Thinking’ is incorporating into the curriculum and classroom. These lucky kids and amazing educators bring hands on learning to a whole new level. 

The Classroom is Outside

This is a series of videos that highlight the ‘Place-Concsious Learning’ happening with Kootenay Lake School District. From K-12, these students are planting gardens, clearing trails and climbing rock faces as part of their student experience.  One of the four videos showcases the amazing work the Grade 7-12 ‘Outdoor Academies.’ […]

Columbia Basin Alliance for Literacy

Had a great time making this for Columbia Basin Alliance for Literacy. The organization is an amazing network of professionals in our region making such an impact for individuals and families day in and day out.

Smart and Strong Women at TECK

Happy International Women’s Day! Here’s a video produced by TECK to celebrate the amazing women who work there. Was fun to have a small part in the creation of this video. Soon, they will release two other profile videos that feature the stories of a couple women seen in this […]

Night Out at the Capitol Theatre

Our latest video shows the dynamic duo of Davíd Hernandez and Jenna Raider Skidmore demonstrating a Nelson style dine and dash. From the Finding Awesome Food and Culture team for Nelson Kootenay Lake Tourism: Camera by Bohdan Doval, Music by Ben Euerby.

Lunch at Whitewater Anyone?

What do you get when you combine Shelley Adams, iconic Whitewater Cooks mastermind, and the effervescent Jenna Raider-Skidmore on an outing to our local ski hill? A fabulously fun foodie’s dream lunch destination, skis optional. Camera by Bohdan Doval, Music by Ben Euerby.

Culinary Culture at Adventure Hotel

Jenna Raider Skidmore is back alongside Lucas Myers in our latest video at the Adventure Hotel for the Culinary Culture series for Nelson Kootenay Lake Tourism. Camera by Bohdan Doval, Original music by Ben Euerby.

Culinary Culture at Sage and Finley’s

Sage and Finley’s was out last stop for the Culinary Culture series for Nelson Kootenay Lake Tourism. Featuring the star power of Jenna Raider Skidmore and Tanya Finley (debut performance) bringing us into the kitchens and to the bars of our amazing local eateries. Camera by Bohdan Doval, Original music […]

Teck Documentary

Bohdan Doval and I worked with Teck to produce a video that tells the story of one worker’s accident last winter. It’s meant to raise awareness about human complacency in the workplace. It was a powerful experience to retell his story. Ben Euerby created an amazing score for this piece.