Film Camp

Overview of Summer Film Camp

  • View Official Film Camp Trailer here
  • Youth ages 6-18 create dynamic short digital films from start to finish
  • All sessions take place on the 10th Street Campus of Selkirk College where participants have direct access to professional camera gear and the latest in digital film software
  • Professional instructors facilitate a safe, fun and hands-on environment for all types of learners
  • Participants work as a crew to develop the technical and creative skills of filmmaking as cooperation, communication and leadership skills are emphasized throughout the learning process
  • All programs run Monday–Friday, from 9am–3pm
  • The Graduation Celebration takes place on the last Friday. All family and friends are invited to a screening of the final films.

One and Two Week Programs for New and Advanced Filmmakers


PRODUCTION CREW: 6-7 year olds

This camp offers the chance for each participant to script, storyboard, and star in their very own movies and short videos. All participants will be introduced to both technical and creative uses of the cameras, acting on a film ‘set’, and using fun editing techniques. A great opportunity for visual learners and budding performers, Production Crew could be the start of something big! No equipment necessary.

2017, July 4-7th, Monday to Friday 9AM-1PM
$165. See Registration and Bursary Information below for more details.

JUNIOR DIRECTOR’S SEAT: 8-10 year olds

Participants of this age range work together to make their very own digital films in front and behind the cameras. From Monday’s pitch to Friday afternoon’s screening, it’s a busy week of planning, shooting and editing for each and every filmmaker. Both new and experienced filmmakers welcome. No equipment necessary.

2017, July 17-21th, Monday to Friday 9AM-3PM
$335. See Registration and Bursary Information below for more details.

DIRECTOR’S SEAT: 11-13 year olds

The 11-13 year olds work together to make their own movies and short videos. Each participants gets hands on experience with storyboarding, cinematography, and using advanced editing techniques. Those participants keen to act will have a chance to shine. Both new and experienced filmmakers welcome. No equipment necessary.

2017, July 10-14th, Monday to Friday 9AM-3PM
$335. See Registration and Bursary Information below for more details.

SENIOR DIRECTOR’S SEAT 14-18 year olds

During the first week of this hands-on program participants pitch, script, and direct their own short films using professional camera and sound gear. Once production is complete, the focus turns to editing, where participants learn advanced editing techniques using Final Cut Pro and create an original soundtrack using Soundtrack Pro. An emphasis on collaboration, responsibility and critical thinking run through all aspects of this intensive two week program. Participants do not need any gear or equipment to participate.

2017, July 4-14th, Monday to Friday, 9AM-3:30PM
$400. Learners entering Grade 9, 10, 11, 12 in September 2017 and who reside in BC are eligible to earn 4 elective credits through SelfDesign High. For learners whose home school is SelfDesign High credits are available if entering Grade 10, 11, 12 (not 9) in September 2017.
$650 for all other participants.
Please read and follow registration steps on the Senior Director’s Seat page

Registration Information

To Register Online [not available for Senior Director’s Seat, 14-18 year olds] visit:

To Register for Senior Director’s Seat please read and follow registration steps on the Senior Director’s Seat page

To Register by phone: Call Selkirk College/Erin Potulicki at 250-352-2821 ext 0 (for reception) or 250-352-6601 ext 13299

To Register in person: Visit the Selkirk College/KSA office at 606 Victoria Street Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:00pm. Office is closed 1-2PM for lunch.

Bursary Information

There is a bursary program for families who need some financial assistance. Please download this form and email it to


Bursaries are first come first serve. $50 is available for the Production Crew (6-7), Junior Director’s Seat (8-10), Director’s Seat (11-13) and $100 is available for the Senior Director’s Seat (14-18.) If you require further assistance please indicate that on the bursary form. Bursaries for Senior Director’s Seat are not available if the participant is registering through SelfDesign High.

For Further Program Information

Contact Watershed Productions at 250.551.1711 or email


Leadership, self-esteem, creativity and teamwork. That was the value of this film camp.

I want to be a film director, so this was the perfect experience to prepare me for a career in filmmaking.

In her role as mentor she encourages the next generation of filmmakers, the better to ensure our story, and stories that matter, continue to be told.

It’s not just about being in the movie. It’s about learning how to do it.

My son got pure satisfaction and pride from being in this program.

I highly recommend this camp because the instructors were excellent leaders for the kids and taught much more than video related skills.