Upstream Benefits Installation

Upstream Benefits Installation

Here’s a video profile of my work at Upstream Benefits at Touchstones Nelson which is up until February 11th. Honoured to be included among this group of accomplished local artists: Deborah Thompson, Maggie Shirley, Ian Johnston, Susan Andrews Grace, Natasha Smith, Rachel Yoder, Courtney Anderson, Brent Bukowski, and Boukje Elzinga. Arc is a video and sound installation created in collaboration with Daryl Jolly and Havelock John Tucker. Roundtable, from an artist-in-residence at Oxygen Art Centre 2008, is revisited as the earlier work in this exhibit and includes conversations with Thomas Loh, Josie Ahern, Zoe, Eric Denny, Julien Locke & Peter Locke, and Edna Whitely.

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