Only in Nelson Broadcast Premiere May 26thANKORS Mural ProjectTime to Go ElectricWanted: Doctors
Only in Nelson Broadcast Premiere May 26th
ANKORS Mural Project
Time to Go Electric
Wanted: Doctors

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  • ANKORS Mural Project

    ANKORS Mural Project

    This video from ANKORS produced by Watershed Productions delves into how the new murals in the Overdose Prevention site were created. Local artists Kelly Shpeley and Indica are interviewed about their work and Vera Horsman, the OPS Coordinator, speaks to the OPS as a community hub. We hear about how the OPS works within the… More »

  • Time to Go Electric

    Time to Go Electric

    Watershed teamed up with Community Energy Association, Emotive and the Province of BC to create a series of winter electric vehicle driving videos. Thousands of Canadians enjoy their EVs through the winter months, these videos showcase those drivers and were inspired by their lifestyles. Featuring Nelson locals Lisel Forst and Sydney Black as competitive neighbours… More »

  • Wanted: Doctors

    Wanted: Doctors

    Watershed Productions produced a physician recruitment video for KB Doctors with a cast of local characters, including Lucas Myers as the hyper and loveable Chief of Staff and his team of physicians and nurses at the hospital played by Cate Baio, Lindsay Clague, Travis Hauck, Matt Nuttall with cameos by your favourite local (real) doctors…. More »

  • Only in Nelson

    Only in Nelson

    Get ready Nelson! Tickets are now available for the World Premiere of Only in Nelson. If you aren’t in the film, you know 1/2 the people who are. Watch the trailer! A Knowledge Network original, the production is the latest from Watershed Productions Inc. and will be playing October 2nd and 3rd at the Civic… More »

  • Youth, Drugs and Stigma

    Youth, Drugs and Stigma

    Feels fitting to end the ‘Beyond the Stigma of Drug Use’ video series with youth speaking up about their experiences around drug use. These five teens give us a real look at what it’s like these days growing up in the age of the opioid crisis.  By bearing witness it is our intention at Watershed… More »

Upcoming Events

  • Only in Nelson Broadcast Premiere May 26th

    Only in Nelson Broadcast Premiere May 26th

    Watershed Productions is premiering the new feature documentary film Only In Nelson on Knowledge Network on May 26th.  “Two years ago I was pitching Knowledge’s Director of Original Content on a documentary that delved into the countless subcultures just under the surface of this beautiful mountain city.” Explains Amy Bohigian, Director and Producer of the film. “What… More »

  • Impact Docs Award

    Impact Docs Award

    Watershed Productions latest documentary film, Only in Nelson, received an Award of Excellence from the Impact Docs Awards International Competition. We are in fine company. Check out the website:

  • Voices of Nelson

    Voices of Nelson

    We’ve been to Whitewater in the Winter, Pulpit in the Spring and downtown in the alleys of Nelson in the summer for the production of ‘Voices of Nelson.’ A collaboration with Touchstones Nelson, this interactive project seeks to create a living history of Nelson, documenting who lives here today and why, exploring our identity as… More »

  • Upstream Benefits Installation

    Upstream Benefits Installation

    Here’s a video profile of my work at Upstream Benefits at Touchstones Nelson which is up until February 11th. Honoured to be included among this group of accomplished local artists: Deborah Thompson, Maggie Shirley, Ian Johnston, Susan Andrews Grace, Natasha Smith, Rachel Yoder, Courtney Anderson, Brent Bukowski, and Boukje Elzinga. Arc is a video and… More »

  • Nelson at its Best: 150 Voices

    Nelson at its Best: 150 Voices

    Come check out this upcoming event that Anna Purcell has coordinated. The write up from Facebook below, link here to event details. What is the poverty you have experienced in your life? What has helped you when you’ve felt stuck? See your community’s needs answers to these questions at the Capitol Theatre on Saturday, December… More »