Film Festival


For five summers, Watershed Productions in partnership with the Kootenay Express News, organized the Kootenay Summer Shorts Film Festival. This unique festival celebrated the films and filmmakers of the Kootenays. The filmmakers were a mix of ages, backgrounds and range in experience from first-timer to award winning professionals. The Kootenay Express Summer Shorts Film Festival enjoyed the ongoing support of Valhalla Pure Outfitters, Bibo, Sidewinders, Reo’s, and other business sponsors over the years.

Past genres included everything from adventure sports to documentary. All films were suitable for an all ages audience. Screened outdoors in Lakeside Park on Sunday nights in the summer, this event was free and open to the public.

Joanne Alaric wins Best of Festival

Joanne Alaric wins Best of Festival $500 prize from Director and Producers of 'Tall Man'

Past Sponsors

Film festivals like the one in Nelson are very important as they will spawn the next generation of filmmaker in Canada. Minds Eye Entertainment was delighted to sponsor the grand prizewinner in 2010. To Amy and everyone involved in the festival, my hat is off to you all.

It’s a great way for up and coming filmmakers from the Kootenays to get there films shown to a large audience on a big screen.

The film festival has encouraged me to continue in the art, knowing there are venues where we can showcase and celebrate our work.

Winning ‘Best of the Festival’ at the ‘Kootenay Summer Shorts Film Festival’ was such an exciting honor. For a new filmmaker the experience of being recognized by my community was incredibly reassuring that all of my hard work had paid off. Not only was it a wonderful moment for me but also for the subjects of my film. For them to have their story acknowledge and celebrated reaffirmed that it is a story worth telling.

I won second place in a film festival with my first ever movie My Home and My Life. It was one of the best moments in my life.

I love that it’s a local festival because it’s a nice experience to see what strangers at other festivals think of your film but nothing will truly compare to sharing it with your friends and family and the people you grew up with back home.

2010 Award Winners

  • Joanne Alaric, Our Bus
  • Aaron May, No Straight Roads
  • Peter and Julien Locke, Going for Gold
  • Rory Case, The Box Mountain Bower

2009 Award Winners

  • Jessica Gates, Seeing Sol
  • Rachel Schmidt and Katherine Pettit, Freedom To Belong
  • Peter and Julien Locke, Off Track
  • Isabelle Herzig and Janet Pierce, Women and a Wall
  • David Lavalee, Powderhound Proposal
  • Antonia Sullivan, Best on Baker: Fries
  • Nemia Darwell, My Life and My Home

2008 Award Winners

  • Saige Andreychuck and Antonia Sullivan, Heaven’s Kitchen
  • Michaela Thompson and Taavi Wickman, The Hat
  • Shane Ainsworth, Triathlon for Kids
  • Gary Ramsbottom and Peter Schramm, Silence