Client Videos

“TAKE YOU UP” – Promotional Campaign, 2:40

This promotional video “TAKE YOU UP” follows a family as they drive up the mountain in their electric vehicle in search of winter adventure. Watershed Productions worked in partnership with Accelerate Kootenays, Canada’s first community-driven, collaborative strategy to build a clean transportation network. Funded by Community Energy Association, Fortis BC, BC Hydro, Columbia Basin Trust, Powertech Labs Inc., Regional District of Central Kootenay, Regional District of East Kootenays, and Regional District of Kootenay Boundary. Produced in 2017.

CAREER EXPLORATION SERIES – Capacity Building with Students, 6 videos
We worked with the teachers and students Rosemont, Erickson and W.E. Graham Elementary Schools this Winter and Spring to make a series of videos that explore careers the students were interested in learning more about as we taught the students how to do everything from interviewing to editing. Our final videos feature Adham Shaikh’s in his music studio, Grant Anderson at the Bakery at Save On Foods, Tara Halonen at Creston Veterinary Clinic, Brett Adams Whitecaps Soccer Coach and Memories of Indian Cuisine in Creston. The video series can be viewed on the SD8Learns channel on Vimeo. Produced in 2017.


Family Action Network (FAN) has produced this video, featuring the voices of parents, early childhood professionals and community leaders to give information on the importance of checking your child’s development ‘early and often’ through the early years period. Produced in 2017.

LEAD SAFE RENOVATION SERIES – Public Health Campaign, 8 videos

Watershed Productions worked with the Trail Area Health and Environment Program to complete a series of videos to help do-it-yourselfers and contractors complete lead safe renovations. We worked with seven households and one contractor to shoot a series of eight videos based on ‘in progress’ renovations happening in the Greater Trail region. Martin Gonzales shot the aerial footage, Daryl Jolly created all the graphics, Ben Euerby composed the original score and Amy Bohigian directed, shot (Panasonic GH4) and edited the video series. Watch the “Made in Trail” Lead Safe Renovation Videos here Produced in 2016.

BEHIND THE SCENES OF LIBERATION DAYS – Documentary Mentorship, 19:06

This 19-minute documentary “Behind the Scenes of Liberation Days” was created by Nelson high school students, Noah Gaffran, Aydin Long, Graeme Sherman, Dani Snell and Sebastian Bodine. Working in two groups, the youth were mentored by Amy Bohigian over the course of the show’s rehearsals and backstage meetings to interview the cast and crew and document the creation of this play. The documentary explores the issues the characters face as the Dutch were liberated by Canadian troops at the end of WWII along with a candid look at how the Director and all the crew worked collaboratively to create an immersive drama on our local stage. The structure of the documentary was determined early on in the process and was pulled together by the team of filmmakers, as each youth chose a section of the documentary to edit. Thanks to Stephanie Fischer, Capitol Theatre Executive Director and Producer, for making this project possible. Produced in 2016.

VOICES FROM THE MARGINS – Educational Video/PSA, 8:41

Five youth ages 16-28 took pictures and provided the testimonials of their experiences dealing with substance use in the Kootenay Boundary Region of British Columbia. This video was created by Watershed Productions Inc. for the Caring Communities Conference at Selkirk College on May 14/15th, 2015. The organizations that were involved in the production of this video include: ANKORS, Freedom Quest, Caring Communities, Columbia Basin Trust and Selkirk College. Produced in 2015.

THE FOREST GARDEN – Educational Video, 7:26

Kootenay Lake/School District 8 wanted to showcase the innovative approach that Teresa Olleck, a grade one teacher from South Nelson Elementary School, takes to teach her students about nature and community. “The Forest Garden” video follows Teresa and her 21 students on their weekly trips to the community garden space join Nelson BC where they learn how to steward a public space and find delight in the animals and plants of the garden. Produced in 2015.


BASIN STORIES – Documentary Series, 70 minutes

Basin Stories is a series of twelve short documentaries, each between 5 and 10 minutes in length, that were created from over sixty interviews conducted throughout the Columbia Basin with displaced residents, biologists, First Nations people, elected officials, historians and former BC Hydro employees. Each video centres around a particular topic, like agriculture, electricity, and ecosystems, exploring how each was experienced in the Columbia Basin before, during and after the construction of the Columbia River Treaty dams. To view the videos visit the Columbia Basin Stories website here. Produced in 2013.

WOMEN CREATING CHANGE – Educational Video/PSA, 5:43

Watershed Productions worked with Trail BC’s Skills Centre and Women Creating Change to address the barriers that are currently happening in the region related to women and economic security. This video utilizes PhotoVoice to tell the personal stories of the women being directly impacted by poverty in the Lower Columbia Region. Produced in 2013.

KARRI’S STORY – Educational Documentary, 11:53

This eleven minute documentary tells the story of Karri, a young adult who has grown up with FASD (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder.) Holly Biggar (Producer), Robyn Sheppard (Director) and Carolyn McCartney (Karri’s mom) invited Watershed Productions Inc. (editing, second camera and original music) to work on the this moving story about a girl becoming a woman, who, despite the numerous challenges of living with FASD, lives every day with the compassion and bravery we all wish to integrate into our lives.

The documentary will be utilized in school settings and at educational conferences to raise awareness about people living with FASD with the aim to create more inclusive settings in both classrooms and workplaces. For a link to the film (active November 2015) visit the Provincial Outreach Program for FASD website (POPFASD). Sandy Boscariol from POPFASD worked as a consultant for the film and will be working to ensure the film is seen across the province. Produced in 2015.


EcoSave Energy Retrofits Program has been designed to simplify the process for homes and businesses to reduce energy consumption and lower greenhouse gases within the community. This program has been established as a key strategy in the City of Nelson’s Low Carbon Path to 2040, Community Energy and Emissions Action Plan. Visit the EcoSave website to learn more. Produced in 2013.


With leadership from the Kootenay Library Federation One Book One Kootenay celebrates the work of the wonderful writers living in the Kootenay Boundary. All three nominated authors were interviewed by Amy Bohigian about their books. Bruce Kirkby is featured here talking about his book “Dolphin’s Tooth”. For more information about OBOK visit: Produced in 2013.

NORTH AND SOUTH – Documentary, 37:38

The student-made documentary “North & South: a documentary” was made by seventeen L.V. Rogers students with mentorship and production support from Amy Bohigian. The 37-minute film follows their exchange experience with a group of youth from Fort McPherson, Northwest Territories, starting in Nelson and then travelling up north, where they went dog sledding, danced the jig, saw the Northern Lights and spoke with elders in the native community of Fort McPherson. Produced in 2013.

Surviving Not Thriving Video

SURVIVING NOT THRIVING – Educational Video/PSA, 11:05

Watershed Productions worked with BC Non-Profit Housing Association to produce the Surviving Not Thriving DVD and Toolkit. The nine-minute video, featuring the photos and voices of women who are leaving violent relationships and who face barriers to housing, creates an emotional impact meant to inspire action from policy makers, stakeholders and the community-at-large. Produced in 2012.

TEDx NELSON 2012, ELENA BANFIELD – Live Streamed Event, 7:24

Elena Banfield challenges our assumptions and performs a spoken word about her generation, the Gen Y’ers, at SelfDesign High’s 3rd annual TEDx event on Saturday November 17th 2012 in Nelson, B.C. In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. Check out the other 8 speakers from that inspirational event at the TEDx Youth site. Produced in 2012.

TEDx NELSON 2012, SAND ART – Live Streamed Event, 9:38

A collaborative performance piece from SelfDesign High’s 3rd annual TEDx event on Saturday November 17th 2012 in Nelson, B.C. The theme for 2012: What do youth need to thrive? About TEDx, x = independently organized event. In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. Check out the other 8 speakers from that inspirational event at the TEDx Youth site. Produced in 2012.


The Osprey Community Foundation is a philanthropic organization that provides funding to improve the quality of life around Nelson, British Columbia. They connect people who care with causes that matter here in our community. This video was directed and edited by Amy Bohigian with production support from Vivien Bowers, Executive Director of the Osprey Community Foundation. Produced in 2012.

ONE BOOK ONE KOOTENAY – RITA MOIR, Promotional Video, 10:21

With leadership from the Kootenay Library Federation One Book One Kootenay celebrates the work of the wonderful writers living in the Kootenay Boundary. 2012 winner, Rita Moir, was all interviewed by Amy Bohigian about her book, The Third Crop, her writing process and the impact of living in the Kootenays on her writing style. For more information about OBOK, Rita Moir and her book, visit: Produced in 2012.


People sang in the name of peace at Whitewater Ski Resort on Februrary 13, 2011. Performance directed by Bessie Wapp. Performers include Jonnine Mahonen, Lucas Myers, Anika, Logan Carlstrom, Felicity Blaiklock, Deb Kozak among dozens of chorus members. Video shot by Rachel Schmidt, Elijah Schmidt, Amy Fox and Amy Bohigian. Directed and edited by Amy Bohigian.

TEDx NELSON 2010, ELISA TIMM-BOTTOS – Live Streamed Event, 3:23

Elisa Timm-Bottos performs her poetry at Self Design High’s Tedx talks, held in Nelson BC. Created in the spirit of TED’s mission, “ideas worth spreading,” the TEDx program is designed to give communities, organizations and individuals the opportunity to stimulate dialogue through TED-like experiences at the local level. The video was broadcast live online during the event and was shot in collaboration with the SelfDesign Video Team from Vancouver, BC.

JUDE DAVIDSON AT CAPITOL THEATRE – Live Event, 4:02 (this song)

Jude Davison’s Circo de Teatro – Live Performance at the Capitol Theatre in Nelson BC, January 2010. Produced, Directed and Edited by Amy Bohigian. Shot on Panasonic HVX200’s operated by Amy Bohigian, Katherine Pettit and Peter Schramm. Produced in 2010.

SELFDESIGN HIGH PEACE CAMPS – Promotional Video, 8:52

This video was a collaborative effort between the youth participants and Watershed Productions. All youth participants were given video training and cameras as an integral part of their Peacecamp experience. As a result, the final video is a combination of footage shot by the youth and Watershed Productions. Produced in 2009.


This video, one of six short 2-6 minute videos, provides an overview of The Centre for Innovative and Entrepreneurial Leadership. (CIEL) strengthens communities by helping them become more business-friendly, more culturally vibrant, and more sustainable. We also assist them in improving leadership and enhancing community involvement. Produced in 2008.